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  1. 我們的經驗之核心是具啟發性、有愛心及熱忱的老師和有才華、積極進取的學生們之間的關係。
  2. 在他們的教室和實驗室中,學生追求嚴謹和具有挑戰性的課程,而此課程則能讓他們成功地立足於瞬息萬變的世界各地。
  3. 除了學業,學生們有機會參與運動、表演與跨領域的各種技能社團以及更多更多的機會。



  • 對於未來的家庭,我歡迎您來參觀我們的校園。請在 線上諮詢 或 提出申請上花一點時間。
  • 至於未來的教師,請在即將到來的 招聘博覽會 中造訪我們或 申請教學職位。
  • 最後,請務必抽時間閱讀我們的一些刊物,如 同德eNEWS 或 年度媒體報告。這些出版物彰顯我們許多的學校活動和學生的學習成果。



私立同德高級中等學校  董事長 徐德香

Welcome to the website of Tungder High School, where we are eager to share our energetic, empathetic and rigorous educational life with you.

We provide the best academic and technical vocational education system to most members who are already multicultural students.

I invite you to explore these pages to see what makes Tongde High School so outstanding.

The core of our experience is the relationship between inspiring, caring and dedicated teachers and talented and motivated students.
In their classrooms and laboratories, students pursue rigorous and challenging courses, and this course allows them to successfully base themselves in a rapidly changing world.
In addition to academics, students have the opportunity to participate in sports, performance and cross-disciplinary skills clubs and more opportunities.
We are a key to a better future, helping students to open the door to their dreams. We value honesty, respect, responsibility, kindness, courage, filial piety and professionalism.

I now invite you to learn more about how to start a better future with us.

For future families, I welcome you to visit our campus. Please take a moment to consult online or apply.
As for future teachers, please visit us or apply for teaching positions in the upcoming recruitment fair.
Finally, please take the time to read some of our publications, such as Tongde eNEWS or the annual media report. These publications highlight many of our school activities and students ’learning outcomes.
I hope you enjoy browsing and participating in our website, and maybe one day we will greet you on campus.


Tungder High School Chairman Ms.HSU




電話: 049-2553109 傳真:049-2554415

地址: 542南投縣草屯鎮中正路培英巷8號

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